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Grab Sample Systems

Grab sampling, also known as lab sampling or spot sampling, is the collecting of a sample of liquid or gas in a pipeline, tank, or system with the intent of transporting the sample to a laboratory for analysis. When properly conducted using the right equipment, grab sampling can help you:

  • Validate process conditions
  • Verify whether online analyzers are fit for use
  • Ensure end products meet quality specifications
  • Determine product quality during custody transfer
  • Provide verification of environmental emissions
  • Protect against sample evaporation or fractionation during transport 

Watch the video to learn about our grab sample system capabilities.


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Partnering to help you meet your sampling system needs

Running an efficient operation requires controlled, real-time data obtained through safe, reliable and representative sampling.  The measurement of a process fluid properties that is reported in engineering units helps chemists, maintenance planners, engineers, plant managers, QA managers and operators collectively optimize their operations.

The flexibility and customization of the Swagelok® Grab Sample Systems allow for efficient sample capture without altering the integrity of your existing process. The panels are available in a variety of customizable configurations and advanced features allowing them to be precisely matched to the application avoiding safety and environmental risks.

Plus, with local support from Swagelok Grande Prairie | Fort St. John | Winnipeg | Saskatoon you are ensured to receive fast, dependable expert service.

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  • Designed and built with the reliable components you trust from Swagelok
  • Locally fabricated by Swagelok certified experts
  • Readily available replacement parts
  • Versatile mounting options for easier installation
  • Standard and customized sample systems can be configured using a part number table for simplified ordering
  • Additional instrumentation devices, including gauges, flowmeter indicators, and relief valves are available 
  • Tested design for proven performance
  • Training for operators
  • Maintenance prevents problems – owner’s manuals and recommended spare parts help insure long service life
  • Swagelok grab sample system evaluation and advisory, including virtual capabilities

Grab Sampling